One of the most frequently asked questions we get from our users is whether we have any tips on how to best load an Eloflex into a car. The answers to this question can vary depending on the specific car models and user preferences. Below we have summarized the four most common approaches based on feedback and tips from our users.


The most common method is simply to fold the Eloflex lift it into the car. Most users come up with their own techniques, depending on the car model and the height of the trunk, as well as their own physical strength. Below we present two variants frequently used by many individuals. These methods place minimal strain on your back thanks to the use of your leg muscles during lifting. 

Option 1.
The best and most comfortable method for people of normal height. Hold the front wheel tubes and press the soft part of the chair against your body for a secure grip.

Option 2.
A method with lower grip for shorter people. Utilized the wheels to roll the chair into the car’s trunk, making sure to to disengage the motors before lifting.


Perhaps the best way to load an Eloflex is to use leverage. This way you don't have to lift more than a third of the Eloflex's weight. However, this technique requires that you have a station wagon and that the edge of the trunk is no higher than 55 cm. It also relies on the use of the anti-tip devices during loading.


A loading ramp serves as a valuable tool for safely loading an Eloflex into your car, especially if you find heavy lifting challenging. It allows you to drive your Eloflex up the ramp in the folded position using the chair's motors. There are many different types of ramps: long, short, wide and narrow... Eloflex offers two different models, which can be found in our accessories section. In the image below, we present a solution sent to us by one of our users that worked quite well.


For a convenient but slightly more costly solution, consider installing a crane in the trunk of your car to facilitate Eloflex loading. This is the best solution if you are in a wheelchair and want to be able to carry your Eloflex in the car on your own. Numerous crane solutions and models are available on the market, but given the compact, lightweight design of your Eloflex, a fairly simple crane is often sufficient. We suggest you contact your nearest car fitting company for further details and guidance.

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