Unlike a car, you don't have to send in your Eloflex electric wheelchair for regular servicing. However, regular maintenance can significantly extend its lifetime and enhance performance. Here are a few basic tips and guidelines.


Taking good care of your Eloflex not only ensures that it will last longer – it also improves handling, extends the driving range and minimizes the risk of problems. 

General tips and guidelines

  • Regularly clean your Eloflex, but never rinse it with running water or a high-pressure washer. Instead, use a damp cloth to wipe it clean.  

  • Always dry your Eloflex when you get home after trips in wet conditions.

  • Recharge the batteries every three months if you do not use your Eloflex on a regular basis.

  • Store your Eloflex indoors in a dry and frost-free environment.

To do every three months

  • Periodically check and pump up the air pressure in your rear wheels (at least once every three months). The air pressure should be 2.5 kg.

To do once a year

  • Remove the swivel wheels (front wheels) and clean the hub remove any built up hair and dirt.

  • Inspect all the screws on your Eloflex and tighten them if they are loose.

  • Remove and wash the cover of your cushion, if necessary, and clean the backrest cover as well.

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