Wondering how to best charge your Eloflex? Find out how to increase the lifetime of your batteries and extend your driving range.


Start by turning off your Eloflex (all lights on the joystick should be off). Use original Eloflex chargers only.

Plug the charger into the socket at the front of the joystick and ensure proper contact alignment. Then, plug the charger's power cable into a wall outlet.

Charging status is indicated by the charger’s light. A red light indicates that charging is in progress. After about three hours, the batteries are 90% charged. The wheelchair can now be used again.

After 5-8 hours, the charger’s lamp will turn green, indicating that the batteries are fully charged. During charging, the charger itself will become warm, which is perfectly normal.

For maximum battery lifetime, charging should be done for about five hours when the battery indicator bar on the joystick is reduced to one third (when three of the lights have disappeared).

Regular maintenance charging does not harm the batteries. However, for maximum batter lifespan, we recommend unplugging the charger when the batteries reach full capacity. 


What type of batteries are used in my Eloflex?
Eloflex features two leak-free, Lithium-Ion batteries, each with 240Wh (24 volt / 10ah) capacity. Model-specific specification can be found in the product details.

How often can I charge my Eloflex?
You can charge as often as you like. The battery cannot be overcharged, and the charger automatically goes into power-saving mode once the battery is fully charged.

How often should you charge?
To maintain peak performance, charge as soon as the battery’s capacity drops to one third (two lights are on). If you would like to charge more often, that's fine, it won't damage the battery.

How long does it take to charge a battery?
It typically takes around 3 hours to charge an empty battery before you can use the chair again.

Can I charge my batteries when it’s cold?
Yes, you can charge the battery in temperatures as low as minus 10 degrees. However, if charging below –10°C, the batteries may not reach full capacity.

Is the driving range reduced if it’s cold outside?
Yes, operating your Eloflex in sub-zero temperatures can reduce the range. At minus 10 degrees, the mileage can be diminished by up to 50%.

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